VCO Supplier – 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

VCO Supplier – 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

The main reason Our virgin Coconut Oil is being favorite by most buyer are, Not only that we pick the best the raw materials but also the extraction process without any involvement of heat. We pick only the best and mature coconuts coming from shore areas of Java, Sumatra, and Celebes for our production. We take an Uttermost care to ensure that the kernels and the the coconut milk, are not subjected to heat or direct sunlight.

One of the characteristic of our Virgin Coconut Oil is Clear and transparent in color, like tap water and it will solidify below 26°Celcius. Our Food artisan use only Cold pressed for extracting the coconut oil. of the art technologies ensure our VCO are processed in high quality and hygine manner. That alone distinguish us from home made or small scale industrial productions that lack the know-hows and technologies.


Virgin Coconut Oil Product Specification


  • Status
    Unrefined Organic Natural, We do not use coconut that came from farming area that made contact or utilize chemical fertilizer because it may harm the coconut itself. Cold Press Virgin Coconut oil have softer sweet aroma and have more coconut taste than centrifuge virgin coconut oil. unrefined oil make sure it preserves all the natural benefit this oil have, including high content of Vitamin E, mineral, medium chain of fatty acids, and antioxidants
  • Packaging
    Bulk in Drum / Jerry Can / Small Bottle / Costum bottle design ( private label usually go with wide jar )
  • Capacity
    22.000 liters per month for cold press production method
  • Delivery Times
    order over 2.000 liters need 7 – 9 days after first payment received
  • Payment
    Telegraphic Transfer
    40% down payment and 60% close balance when loading on container / against document.

we accept private label design for your own label, you can supply your artwork or you can contact us for free design.


Nutrition Content


Drum, Hdpe Jerry can, Small bottle


22.000 litre / month


1500 litre




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