Moringa Powder Supplier – Moringa Leave Powder

Moringa Powder Supplier – Moringa Leave Powder

We are a famed Moringa Leaves Powder Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in Indonesia. We only process Organic Leaves without using any chemical fertilizerOur 100% pure Moringa powder is ideal to be consumed with different kinds of beverage especially for pregnant and breast-feeding ladies. The Moringa Leaves Powder has ample of B-Vitamins, Calcium, Iron , Copper, Sulfur, and Protein. To see some of the benefit of moringa powder please visit our blog here.


Production Process

  • Harvesting

The Moringa leaves are cut when they are still young and have full nutrients in them. The young leaves are then taken to the facility immediately before they are hit by the sun that destroys the nutrients in them.

  • Cleaning

We do through cleaning process, The leaves are washed in clean water first to remove all the dirt sticking in its surface, then in 1% saline water to kill all the microbes, after that the leaves are washed again in clean running water to take away the saline solution, then the leaves are safe to dry.

After cleaning the leaves, they are put inside clean and hygine facility specially made for drying them, for at least three – four days.

  • Drying

The dry leaves are now ready for processing into fine, green powder using a powder grinding machine. The result is dry Moringa leaf powder, it is then left to cool down for a few hours then packaged in plastic bag in different sizes of 350gram the smallest up to 30kgs accordingly. It is to make sure the goods are protected from heat, humidity and light so it doesn’t encourage molds growth

  • Hygine

Employees who are involved in the production process, are dressed in appropriate clean aprons, mouth covers, head caps, and make sure they are clean and careful throughout the process, to ensure we deliver you the highest quality products that meet international standards.

  • Request for Free Sample and Analysis

For any inquiries regarding our moringa powder, please feel free to get in touch with us. If you would like an updated Certificate of Analysis of our products, we would be happy to provide one, but please note that there is a service charge for all custom analysis requests. We also would gladly send you a sample for free, you only have to pay for the shipping cost.

Nutrition Content


Resealable Plastic ( 250gram – 1kg ) or bulk


2.000 Kg / month


50 Kg




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