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As a mother who concerns about the ingredients on my dining table, I always take a sight at the nutrition facts behind every product packaging. One of the products that I always carefully choose is sugar. And since I am a big fan of coconut, my choice is organic coconut sugar from Herbalokal. Coconut sugar is produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. It has been used for thousands of years especially in the Southeast Asian region since they produce abundant supply. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest coconut producers.

One of the reasons I choose organic coconut sugar from Herbalokal is because I consider it as the safest choice among other kinds of sugar since it has the lower fructose content, thus lead to lower glycemic index. It means the sugar level is rising slower, unlike when we consume another type of sugar. The other reason is that Herbalokal is a reputable company that only chooses the best raw material for all its products. The company guarantees that the organic coconut sugar they produce is pure and untainted. The main ingredient is pure coconut sap only. It is committed to delivering the nature’s goodness with the best quality and competitive price.

All about coconuts has been very popular these days. Probably because the products are made from plant and fruit that are considered natural and healthy. When walking in the aisle of a supermarket, we can see there are many choices of cooking oil, cosmetics, sugar, and other things made from coconut. Our brain is automatically choosing the ones with natural ingredients since it is measured safe.

The fact is, there are many aspects to producing a safe and nutritious product. One of the portions is to ensure that the result of a product is having a high quality of the processing method. Herbalokal uses modern technologies to maximize the method of harvesting the raw materials. With the skillful hands of the local farmer, a high standard of hygiene, and combined with quality screening which is implemented at multiple stages during the production process, the company ensures that the organic coconut sugar they produce are the best quality.

Herbalokal is a coconut sugar producer; not palm sugar. Although both are produced in a similar way and looking quite similar too, they come from different kind of trees thus contain different nutritional facts. Derived from coconut, these sugars do not taste like coconut at all. They are subtly sweet with varied colors, from creamy beige to dark brown. Everything depends on the refine method and time of the process.

If you are looking for Herbalokal brand, maybe you are not going to find one in the supermarket. The company PT.Herbalokal Luhur Indonesia is a premium coconut sugar producer and supplier for many other brands, and also caters customize packaging and labels for their buyers. Whether you are a local buyer or overseas, Herbalokal is known for their reliable quality, committed with the production scheduled with the buyer, excellence packaging, and labeling. So, when you are looking for organic coconut sugar product, whatever the brand is, look for the manufacturer name, and make sure it is from Herbalokal.

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