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Indonesia is one of only a few countries in the world to produce coconuts actively. With a tropical climate and large coconut plantation areas, Indonesia is in the top lists of countries exporting coconut products. The coconut tree is considered the most useful plant because all of its parts are beneficial, not only for health but also for various types of industry. One of the latest coconut product is virgin coconut oil, which is only discovered to have even richer benefits than the earlier popular coconut oil. The issue is then, which one is the best VCO supplier that can ensure the quality of the product?

Virgin coconut oil, or often abbreviated as VCO, is the purest form of coconut oil, extracted with further care, so the kernels and the coconut milk are not exposed to heat or direct sunlight. One of the VCO suppliers with high technology equipment is Herbalokal, an Indonesian based company. It is known for its reputation for producing unrefined VCO.  The method of producing the VCO is the key to preserving all the natural goodness of the oil.

VCO is rich in a medium chain of fatty acid, various types of antioxidant, mineral, polyphenols, and vitamin E. Studies also have shown that it can help trim down bad cholesterol. Herbalokal is the only VCO supplier to standardize all of its standard operation procedure to guarantee that only the best VCO is produced.

Here are several things that make Herbalokal the leading virgin coconut oil supplier:

  • Herbalokal only uses the best raw material. The coconuts are harvested from a selected farming area that does not use or make contact with chemical fertilizer. The reason behind this is to avoid the chemical compound from harming the coconut itself.
  • The company works closely with the farmers to make certain the human resources meet the certain skill needed.
  • Herbalokal only uses the cold pressed method for extracting the coconut oil. The method gives the oil more coconut taste and has softer sweet aroma, compared to other methods. The cold pressed method also makes the VCO produced by Herbalokal clear and transparent like tap water, and it will solidify below 26°Celcius.
  • Herbalokal offers personalized packaging with various sizes. The buyers can also ask to be marked with their private label.
  • Herbalokal produces over 22.000 liters per month with a cold pressed method.

With huge demands from the market and supports from the government to encourage the industry growth since it is one of the largest foreign exchange, Herbalokal opens a great opportunity of being a reseller. By trusting the product manufacturer to Herbalokal, the reseller can focus on retail marketing and distribution without worrying about the intricate details of production. Herbalokal supplies the best quality products, with the highest hygiene standards, good price, and neat packaging.

Herbalokal has also made its name as a reliable VCO supplier overseas. VCO has longer shelf life and does not go rancid easily, making it an ideal export commodity. It is aimed to be the leader of coconut oil manufacturer, producer, and supplier.

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