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Not many have heard the amazing advantages of Moringa tree, a common looking tree we found on the streets and perhaps in front of our houses. The tree grows savage, and often we pick the leaves to be processed or cooked into a nutritious meal. As the science is more aware of Moringa benefits, Moringa trees are cultivated in special vicinities and processed with the help of modern technologies, to preserving its nourishing ingredients even more. Moringa leaf is the most beneficial part of the tree. Herbalokal, an Indonesian premium Moringa powder manufacturer, is investing its resources in producing premium quality Moringa leaf powder.

The Moringa powder produced by Herbalokal is special because they process the leaves with a certain care of standard by working closely with the farmers and pay attention to details, such as: using only the trees planted without chemical fertilizer, and only picking young leaves since it has full nutrients in them. The selected leaves then are taken to the facility immediately before the nutrients in them are destroyed by the heat. After that, careful cleaning process with several steps is taken to ensure its hygiene. First, the leaves are washed with clean water to remove dirt on the surface than with 1% saline water to kill the bacteria. The leaves are then washed again with running water to remove the saline solution before they are dried in a special method with the aid of technologies.

To match with international requirements, Herbalokal as premium Moringa powder manufacturer take careful steps in every production method. The dry leaves are now ready to be processed into powder using a powder grinding machine. The result is a fine, green Moringa powder. The next step is cooling down the powder before packaging in various sizes of 350 grams up to 30 kgs accordingly. The packaging arrangements to ensure that the Moringa powder are protected from heat, humidity and light to prevent molds growth.

Moringa powder is in its peak demand since its benefits are recognized by the World Health Organization and are recommended to combat malnutrition. It is a great source of Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, and E, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. It is also beneficial for breastfeeding mothers and is recommended as an additive to babies’ meal from six months of age or older who are being weaned. It is suggested to include Moringa leaves into daily diets, and being in a powder form, it is easy to mix with any meals.

Herbalokal encourages Moringa powder supplier and reseller to request a free sample to try their products. Buyer can also request an updated Certificate of Analysis with additional service charge and shipping costs. Herbalokal also caters customize packaging design and labeling. Thus, the reseller can put their effort in marketing and distribute the product without any cares of the complicated producing processes.

Herbalokal is committed to taking extend cares in the product quality and is now expanding its production capacity. As a reputable company in Indonesia, Herbalokal is a well-known name of Moringa powder manufacturer.

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