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Organic Coconut Sugar Supplier & Coconut Oil Manufacturer

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Our Company

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Years of centralization leave most of the farmer far from Jakarta stuck in poverty and most of the villages across Indonesia left underdeveloped. Driven by this, group of friends come together and founded Herbalokal in February 2015, aiming to help local farmer market their product and improving their living potential trough international trade. Cutting unnecessary middleman in the process, making sure the farmer got the most benefit of every purchase by end user.

our motto is ” farmer is our family “

we are committed in producing the best quality product using traditional way of producing goods integrates with modern standards of quality control.

Currently we are engaged with 5 cooperative community producing coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, and coconut soap, maintaining more than 1.200 farmer across Indonesia archipelago.

All of our product undergoes a strict quality inspection before each shipment to ensure we deliver the best quality product.

Our Mission

  • Creating efficient supply chain linking farmer to end user
  • Improving the livelihood of the very people that produce our food
  • Giving back to our planet through organic farming system
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Our Capacity

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Herbalokal working closely with

  • 2.400 Farmer
  • 120 Artisan Product
  • 50 Premium Artisan Food

Herbalokal Private Label flexibility has made many companies turn to us to for private label their products.

Herbalokal is able to handle any size of customer, whether large contract manufacturing quantity or small batch sample product.

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Contract Manufacturing

We offer GMP certified facility to produce your formulation.
Whichever quantity form you choose (capsule,softgel, tablet, powder or liquid), Herbalokal understands that presentation and quality are vital for your bussiness success.

Private Label

Private label defined as product made exclusively for you and your company/ Our Private Label program offer small batch of moq for you to start your supplement and vitamin bussiness with ease. you can slap in your own artwork or let us design it for you.olutions.

Raw Material

With our extensive supply of raw material, Herbalokal offer you our stock of raw product, in bulk order or packaged as private label.
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