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Reasons Why Indonesia Virgin coconut oil Is the Best

Indonesia is the country with the 4th longest coastline in the world; the other three are the US, Canada, and Russia. As an archipelago, Indonesia has 480 islands and from those islands, Indonesia’s coastline is measured up to 95. 181 km. Compared to the other countries with a longer coastline, Indonesia is the only tropical country. How is that related to the production and quality of Virgin coconut oil? Read along to find out.

As we know, coconut is a tropical fruit, which typically only grows in the tropical area. Coconut palms need a warm environment in order to grow successfully. They are not tolerant of cold weather, thus, cannot thrive in cold countries. Coconut palms require a climate with a daily temperature of 12–13 °C (54–55 °F) every day of the year and annual rainfall above 1,000 mm (39 in). However, the climate condition itself not enough. Coconut trees can better live on sandy soils and are highly tolerant of salt water. They also do not need overhead canopy as they need a lot of exposure to the sun. This is the reason why coconut palms are often found in beach areas.

Regarding that, the Indonesian soils and climate are extremely suitable to support the growth of coconut trees. Thus, it is not surprising that the number of coconut trees in Indonesia is abundant, especially along the coastline. With such abundant quantity, fresh coconuts are easily obtained each day in a large number. Furthermore, Indonesia is regarded as the top producer of coconut. In 2013, Indonesia produced 18.300.000 ton of coconuts, far above the other coconut-producing countries like Philippines, India, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. The number represents 30% of the number of coconut in the world.

With such abundant production of coconuts in Indonesia, you can find the fruit almost in every corner. People of Indonesia use coconut in almost every dish they cook, every day. Coconuts are also used in various beauty products like soap and lotion. In addition, with the recent trend of Organic coconut oil, the coconuts in Indonesia are then turned into organic coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. It is not merely a trend, though, as people have opened their eyes on the tons of coconut oil uses and how it give tons of benefits.

Virgin coconut oil is coconut oil made from coconut meat. It contains many fatty acid chains that are easily processed in the body and beneficial to health and beauty. It is also rich in lauric acid 57 that is known to be able to boost our immunity and also contributes to skin beauty.

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Extra virgin coconut oil is produced from fresh coconut. The oil can be made through three methods: wet-mill method, boiling method, and cold pressed method. However, the most ideal method is cold pressed because this method does not involve heat or chemical substances in the process. Thus, the cold-pressed virgin coconut oil has a better quality as it retains more of its natural characteristics.

The other reason that makes Indonesia’s virgin coconut oil best in quality is because it is made using freshly picked coconuts rather than copra. Copra is coconuts that are dried to preserve it. There is no need to use copra in order to make virgin coconut oil in Indonesia because we can easily get freshly picked coconuts, even in a significant number.

And lastly, Indonesia is a land of coconuts. People in Indonesia have been including coconuts in their diets for centuries. The art and knowledge of processing coconuts and turning it into useful products have been passed to them through generations from their ancestors. Thus, it is not exaggerating to say that they are master of coconut producers.

That is why, if you are looking for virgin coconut oil Supplier, make sure to look into the label and find the information that says it is made in Indonesia. we can assure that our Product has a premium quality, and the virgin coconut oil is made by the hands of the masters. Well, do not only take my words for it. Grab a product of virgin coconut oil made in Indonesia and prove it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.






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